Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh, Baltimore, You're So Cute - Says Owl City

Saturday night, hubs and I attended a concert together...which we haven't done in several years. Mostly because he keeps telling me that we'll end up there with a bunch of screaming tweens. However, for some reason, he agreed to go see Owl City and Mat Kearney with me. Hubs loves him some Owl City. 

We arrive a little early and immediately, I knew hubs had predicted the future. The concert venue was filled with tweens, angstful teens and even young children with their parents. Also, many of them were wearing their Owl City tshirts, which enraged hubs. Parenting Lesson #1 for our kids: "Don't wear the band tshirt to the band's concert. Wear a tshirt of another band in the same genre. This says 'I respect your music, but I'm not desperate.'" This will be a life lesson given from their dad.

Most of the first hour, hubs and I spent people watching. Commenting on teen trends that made us feel old and grumpy. Like cotton candy colored hair, short skirts, ripped leggings, piercings. Which led to a parenting discussion. Note: Hubs says he doesn't care if our kid has hot pink hair. Mmmkay. This girl does. But, that's a discussion for the future.
Ready for concert viewing.

Now, we do love Owl City's music. It's pretty much one guy (Adam Young) who plays a crapton of instruments and electronic apparatuses to make sweet music. Although he's added a singer, cello player, violinist, drummer and some guy who does stuff on the computer. But as soon as he came out and starting talking, we knew this guy had some issues. As hubs said, he has Ricky Bobby syndrome. Remember in Talladega Nights when Will Ferrel is doing the interview and he doesn't know what to do with his hands? That's this guy. So he does awkward things like fist pump and spirit fingers. So.not.rock-n-roll.

He also rocks one of my favorite hairstyles. Emo hair.

Then he said things like "Oh Baltimore, you're so cozy." or our personal fave, "Oh Baltimore, you're so cute." WTF? Really? Cute? Come onnnnn. I just took your man card. But I still love your music. 

Anyway, I guess that should be expected from an insomniac who made music from his parent's basement. Sometimes the most talented people are a little off their rocker. 

Also, Mat Kearney is ah.may.zing. Seriously. He's now on repeat on the iPod. 

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