Saturday, June 18, 2011

Last Week: A Photo Essay

I may have mentioned my crazy life last week. I've decided it's better show you how it went in a photo essay...

My week started out with visitors from out of town! We drove down to the Dogfish Head Brewery for some beer tasting and brewery touring. 

Hubs (sweet fro, huh?), Ace, Tony and Jen tasting some free beer.

The hubs and I. Like his shirt? I got it for him for his birfday. Pug lifffeee!

Then we packed our crap up and headed to PA for my sister's wedding weekend!

Amped up bride.

We needed serious caffeine. 



Me and Momma

Sisters <3

Cake smashhhh!

Seriously. Stunning cake. 
Hubs and I bringing in the night with some cocktails.

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Aly & Aaron said...

OMG. That is totally my wedding dress! (and I've had it since 10/31/09) hahaha. Can't believe it's still so popular! Beautiful.

Good thing my fiance doesn't follow your blog too to see it :-)