Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just When You Thought I Was Gone...

I'm backkkk!

You thought I left you, right? Nope. You're not that lucky. This past week has been crazygonuts and I'm finally back in my own house enjoying some peace, quiet, and a buttload of unfinished chores. 

We had a wonderful visit with out of town friends last week, that was centered around booze. A tour of the Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware (awesomeee!) and Boordy Vineyards here in MD. Our trip was both educational (because learning about making alcohol is indeed education) and delicious. We enjoyed a delightful picnic at Boordy and the next day dined at the Dogfish Head Brewpub, which was delicious. If you're ever there, make sure you order the pizza. Seriously. Do it. It's the best pizza ofalltime. And also order the chocolate bacon cheesecake. Yes, you heard that right. Sounds weird, huh? But it's heaven. Hubs ordered it and of course I needed a few bites. Delish.

Right after company left on Friday morning we headed to my sister's wedding. She's hitched! I gave my toast and didn't get booed, so I chock that up to a win. No one threw up, got into a fist fight, or had a serious injury, so also a success. Pictures to follow in a future post whenever I get my shit together enough to upload photos.

Then, Sunday night, I went right to our nation's capital for a conference on writing for the web. Which was actually very informative. Hey blog friends...did you know you can go to this website (www.bloggrader.com) and they'll give your blog a score? It's based on search engine effectiveness, posting, images, links and the like. Pretty cool! Also, insider tip from the instructor, you do NOT have to enter your email to get the report. 

And now? I'm looking at the massive laundry pile, an empty fridge, unpacked bags and a disaster of a kitchen (because Hubs' definition of clean and mine don't exactly jive.) So it's time for me to get my life back in order before I head back to the office tomorrow. Orrrr I'll just catch up on my reality tv? Hmmm...

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Smart Ass Sara said...

Wow- it sounds like you've had quite a few weeks! But I'm jealous of your trip to DC. It's on my top trip list.. on the someday list. *sigh*