Sunday, December 5, 2010

How Clean is Your House?

This weekend, my mom and sister made their way to MD to pay me a visit. 

My mom got here a little early, and spent the day on Thursday with the puppies while I went to work. I came home to a spotless house. She claims it's her duty as a mother to come to her kids' houses and clean. Her mother did it. Her mother's mother did it. And so on. 

Now, I consider myself a good housekeeper, but my mother took cleaning to another level. She cleaned things I wouldn't think about touching. Her first task was vacuuming my stairs. Do I hate this chore? Yes. Do I do it anyway? Yes. Butttttt, only every once in a while. Then she started asking me things like:

"Do you dust your stair banisters?"

"Clean your light switch covers?"

Does spraying Lysol on them after I'm sick count? No? Then, nope.

"Scrub the front of your cabinets?"

Yep. If you count the one time my sister did it for me when I moved in over a year ago.

"Scrub the fronts of your appliances?"

You get the idea. Perhaps I wasn't the housekeeper I thought, but let's get serious here...who has time for that? 

I'll see you later...I'm going to dust my ceiling fans.

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