Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Raunchy Reality TV

Rare is the occasion that I am so disgusted by a reality show that I actually turn it off. Take right now for instance, I have Jersey Shore on in the background. This show tends to make me extremely angry and feel dirty just for watching it. Snooki makes me physically ill sometimes, but do I turn it off? No. 

This past weekend, things changed. Not only did I turn off one show, but TWO! Oh, the humanity! 

First up was Bridalplasty on E! This show is just plain shameful. Contestants compete to win plastic surgery in order to be picture perfect for their wedding day and the winner is revealed to the groom right before their wedding. I watched approximately 7 minutes,  before I hit my limit. After I saw the first, perfectly lovely looking bride, being wheeled into surgery...I turned it off. I can't honestly believe that women are actually competing to surgically change their bodies before the day they're supposed to commit their life to a man that's already promised to love her unconditionally. Un-freaking-believable. 

Next up was Sarah Palin's Alaska on TLC. Now, it's not the show itself that horrifies me. I actually find it quite interesting and fairly enjoyable. It was the episode on Sunday night featuring none other than Kate Gosselin and her 8 children that pushed me past my reality show breaking point. I was actually looking forward to this episode, because I usually like the drama that Kate tends to create. I was fully engrossed in the Kate/Jon divorce drama and even took her side for a hot minute. 

In this episode, they went tent camping in the Alaskan wilderness. Newflash to Kate...Alaska is cold. Really cold. And there's bears. Lots of them. I watched it long enough to hear her start whining like an infant. Usually, it doesn't bother me. But it could have been my already existing headache, or perhaps a touch of PMS, but whatever it was, it drove me to change the channel. Even Wiggles couldn't watch. And he loves his reality TV. 

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