Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Teeth Are Coming Out

It's official.

The wisdom teeth are coming out...June 18th. Bah. The surgeon asked me today if I wanted to be put completely under or just have local anesthesia. HA! "Doc, knock me the eff out!" Seriously, that shouldn't even be a question.

He told me I should have a decently easy time because mine are all in. Nile, on the other hand, is going to hate his life when he gets his done. He has an appointment with the dentist on Friday because his gums are killing him. His wisdom teeth are all impacted and one of them is coming through the side of his gum.

I asked my mom if we could get them done on the same day and have her come here and take care of us. She didn't like that idea very much. Looks like June will be the month of dental torture at our house.

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