Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dog Beach!

Nile and I decided that today was a perfect day to try out the Dog Beach that's near us. 

Now, Pugs and Boston Terriers aren't exactly known to be swimmers, but we tried to make them. Here's a few photos:

Wiggles getting in the ocean
And there he is trying to do a very uncoordinated doggy paddle.
There's Peanut trying her hand at swimming.
And the whole family. The pups obviously weren't paying attention. 

We might try to take them back, however, Peanut terrorized every dog in the park, big and small. She's a very dominant little female. She is also very embarrassing. I think we got a taste of what it would feel like when your kid is throwing a tantrum in the super market. 

Perhaps next time, we'll go alone.

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