Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dentist or Devil? You Decide.

The dentist...

The profession with the highest suicide rate. Why? I think it's because everyone HATES them.

No one LIKES to go to the dentist. Me in particular...I really, really hate it.

Sunday night, I was eating some delightful Baked Tostitos when I bit into something particularly hard. I didn't think anything of it...thought it was a piece of corn in the chip. Then, as I was watching TV, I ran my tongue over one of my teeth, and there it was. Part of it was missing.

What did that mean? It meant I had to call the damn DENTIST.

Now, this is really terrible to admit and if my mother is reading this she will kill me, but I haven't been to the dentist in 3 years *cringe* If my mother does read this, she will probably call to remind me how much money is invested in my now straight smile. About 4.5 years of braces, a tonsillectomy (because my tonsils were so big they made me have buck teeth), and 8 teeth removed...that's how much money is in my mouth.

Anyway, that's neither here nor there. Let's focus on this moment. The dentist looked at my tooth and asked me "How much do you like your wisdom teeth?"

How do you answer that? "Well doc, I like them just fine, thank you." Obviously, she was suggesting that I needed to part with them.

Here were my options: a root canal (AHHHHHHHH!) and a crown for 3 teeth (the other two would eventually need it), or removal of all of them.

Weighing these options, I had to think about the pros and cons. Since dentistry existed, people compared very horrible things to having a root canal. Doesn't make me want one any time soon. For the wisdom teeth, at least I get knocked out and get some sweet pain meds.

So, there you have it. All 4 of them are coming out. Ugh. Once again, dentistry rears its ugly head.

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