Tuesday, November 9, 2010

WW Update

It's time for another Weight Watchers update. 

Good news: I'm still down overall.
Bad News: I yo-yoed over the past several weeks, so I'm still down only 7 pounds. 

My hang-ups? Weekends. Seriously, they're my downfall. When hubs was home for a visit, I ate and drank  in celebration and didn't make very good choices. So I gained. Then I had to lose what I gained. So I evened out. 

More good news though. I've got back into a workout routine. I was lacking there for a few weeks. I've been trying to mix it up because I realize I've been boring myself. I'm lucky enough to have Exercise TV On Demand, so I have a lot of options for days that I don't drag my butt to the gym. When I do get to the gym, it doesn't seem like the same old cardio/weight combo. 

Tonight, I found out there's a Billy Blanks Jr. And, yes, he's a fitness-crazed freak like his dad. He does this cardio/dance type workout. And thank God I'm doing it at home, where the only audience is my pups. Because I'm pretty sure I look like a GIANT idiot dancing around my basement.

Billy Blanks Jr. led me on quite the adventure tonight. I did Cardioke. Yes. Cardio. Karaoke. Combined. I'm really not sure I'll ever do that one again. Even the dogs were looking at me like a crazy person when I was belting out "Let's Get It Started" and shaking my hips. 

In summary, WW is working. I just need to keep my dedication and motivation. We're entering the holidays, which means copious amounts of food and temptation...so I need to keep it in check. Godspeed.

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