Thursday, April 22, 2010

Go Green!

Today, we celebrate Mother Earth. Happy Earth Day!

We had a lovely celebration of Earth Day at work today, where several vendors came out to show us what we can do to help conserve. I learned that I have a below average carbon footprint, which is good news. I also learned that eating meat contributes to global warming.

Unfortunately for Mother Earth, I'm going to continue eating meat...because I'm a carnivore. However, I will try to make an effort to include one meatless meal into my week. That's about all I can stand.

I have tried over the past year to do a few things to do my part to conserve, such as:
  1. Using reusable shopping bags
  2. Recycling as much as I can
  3. Using a Brita instead of buying water bottles
  4. Taking shorter showers
  5. Growing my little garden
Here are some things I'd love to do, but they're probably not going to happen:
  1. Bike to's 29 miles each way
  2. Grow a full on vegetable garden...perhaps if my tomato plant survives, I'll move on to a second vegetable
  3. Unplug all electronics while not in use...we have so many, it would take me an hour just to unplug them all
  4. Eat a vegan diet...I hear it's fantastic for your body, however, I really like meat
  5. Compost...I'm just too lazy to do this
Happy Earth Day! And as my favorite tshirt as a teenager during my hippie phase said: "Save Mom"

Get it?

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