Monday, February 8, 2010

Seriously, Mother Nature?

Nile and I spent about 4 hours yesterday trying to dig our way out of the snow. My car proved to be particularly difficult because everyone took their snow and put it in a giant pile next to my car! But after much digging by my wonderful husband, we got it out!

Today, the state is still pretty much at a stand still. All the schools, colleges and universities, county governments, and public transportation are closed. Most of the main roads have only one lane open, and secondary roads are still barely passable. I can't even get out of my neighborhood today because it's a sheet of ice and snow. Ugh. Luckily, I'm able to take a personal day so I don't have to try and maneuver my car in this. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't make it very far. Toyota Camry's are not exactly snow-friendly vehicles.

One of the big problems is that there's no where to put all this snow. It's ending up in big piles on the sides of roads, and even in the middle of the street. Now, as if we haven't had enough, Mother Nature is pulling a big "screw you" and dumping another 8-12 inches on us Tuesday night into Wednesday!,0,7645976.story

Nile said it best yesterday as we were digging our way out..."Bears have the right idea. Winter hibernation is definitely the way to go."

I hear that. At this point, I feel defeated and just want to sit down and cry. How do people in say, Denver, do this all the time!

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