Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Baby Bump: 35 Weeks

35 weeks with Baby A

Total Weight Gain: I'm up about 5 pounds over prepreg weight now. The weight started to pile on all of the sudden...probably because baby is growing very quickly. And I'm not quite sure how much more my stomach can stretch. I know our bodies are designed for this, but I feel like a science experiment!
Maternity Clothes: Ha! All maternity, all the time. Minus some tshirts...most of them are hubs'. 
Stretch Marks? Still none! I have NO idea how because this stomach is stretching to capacity.
Sleep: What's that? No, seriously. Remember when I slept 8 hours a night? That's a thing of the past. For the past several weeks it's been about 3-4 hours a night. I can't get comfortable. My belly gets in the way of everythinggg. And for the love, I just want to sleep a little before this kid comes and takes that away from me!
Movement: He's active all the time! Which is a good thing because it doesn't leave me wondering whether or not he's ok. He likes to jam feet into my ribs and his head is pressing on my bladder. Because, that's right, he's head down! Locked and loaded for delivery.
Exercise: I don't do that much anymore. It's hard enough for me to get around doing ordinary things, exercise definitely hasn't made it into the routine. I've been walking here and there. Nothing structured though. 
Food cravings: None really! 
Belly Button In or Out: Turkey's done!
Milestone: I had my ultrasound last week and the little guy is just shy of 5 pounds and head down, ready for delivery. I'm 2 weeks away from being full term. TWO WEEKS! Where has the time gone, seriously? It feels like I was just in my first trimester. 

I also had a FABULOUS surprise shower thrown for me this weekend from my friend Julie. It was awesome and I'm so, so lucky to have her, my friends and their families for support too. I think we're just about set with gear. Most things are put together. This weekend is car seat installation...which hubs is in charge of, since my putting together skills are lacking. After that, I just need to finish my hospital bag, get a few nursing tanks and I'll be just about ready. Lord help me. I'm beyond petrified for labor and delivery, but I know people do it all the time and it's totally worth it in the end!


Meredith said...

I can't wait for you to go into detail about the labor. No censoring please!!

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