Thursday, June 7, 2012

Progress So Far

I told myself I'd do a good job of documenting this pregnancy. I was planning to use the blog to do so, but alas, I have not. BUT I'm ready to get on board with it. However, this will NOT turn into a full blown pregnancy blog. It's just hard for me to not blog about the biggest thing in my life. 

Anyway, here goes. Today, I am 19 weeks pregnant with a bouncing baby boy!
Me at 14 weeks

Me at 19 weeks. 

The bump has certainly popped in the last few weeks. 

Weight Gained: I'm still down. -10 pounds from my pre-preg weight. 

Maternity Clothes: I've busted out a few shirts and am getting ready to get into the pants. Things are starting to fit a little on the snug side.

Sleep: I'm still sleeping well, thank goodness. I do wake up periodically through the night, but I tend to do that when hubs isn't here anyway.

Movement: I can't tell. I think maybe little ones, but I can't tell between that and gas. Truth. Sorry, folks.

Food cravings: Popsicles. Edy's Fruit Bars are topping my list. Which would be why I stocked up at the store yesterday. 

What I Miss: Wine. Anxiety meds, haha! Just telling the truth!

What I'm Looking Forward to: Getting started on the nursery. We've got some stuff, but we need to get the crib and all the fun accessories. And DAMN babies require a lot of crap! 

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