Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's a...

Oh, hey! Do you remember me? The girl who used to blog? 

I have no excuses for not keeping up. Not only have a dropped the ball on here, but I haven't been reading many of my favorite blogs as of late. I've been doing a lot of stressing out. Not being on anxiety meds and having pregnancy hormones raging through my body, plus a traveling husband is a recipe for disaster. 

But, I finally got some good news this week. See, my doctor sent me for the dreaded gestational diabetes test early because of my family history. For those of you that don't know, they give you this disgusting drink that I have been describing as several Kool-Aid packets, mixed with a little bit of water and corn syrup. You drink it down and then they take your blood after an hour. Well, I big fat FAILED that first test. So I got sent on for the 3 hour test. Which meant I drank DOUBLE the gross liquid and then sat around for 3 hours while my blood was drawn every hour. Trust me when I say I looked like a heroine addict after it was all over.

After stressing myself out, watching my carbs and sugar (which I should be doing anyway), dreading poking myself with needles several times a day, I finally got the results back and turns out I don't have gestational diabetes. Win! However, since I'm still early, I have to go back in two months for another 3 hour test just to be sure. But at least I passed for now, phewwwwww!

And more big news! Hubs was home for like, a minute, over Memorial Day. So we shelled out the extra dough to go to one of those places that charges $80 to tell you the gender of your kid before 18 weeks. Turns out, it's a:

BOY! I was SHOCKED to say the least. All the old wives tales pointed to girl. The morning sickness, my breaking out, sweet cravings. But nope, it's all boy in there!Hubs was PSYCHED. I was of course, happy with whatever outcome, but I'm excited to have a little boy. The sonogram tech confirmed he certainly had all little boy parts at my ultrasound this Monday. 

Which, by the way, I have to pay them a second visit. This little boy is already stubborn like his daddy. He fell asleep at the end of the sonogram with his behind tight against my hip bone, meaning they couldn't get his full spinal measurement. After some jabbing with the ultrasound wand (which I wasn't expecting a physician to do?) and jumping around, he would not be awoken. Can't say I blame him. I could have gone for a nap around that time.

Now? We're onto adventures in naming this little man. Which proves to be a challenge. Because hubs hates ALL the names I suggest. Oh well, he'll have to be named sooner or later!

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Aly & Aaron said...

Congratulations! So good to hear that the gestational diabetes test was negative. Hope the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly. Can't wait to find out what you guys pick for a name! I can only imagine what Nile will choose.. ;)