Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Minute with the Pups

First of all, I've just to to acknowledge all of the encouraging comments and emails I received from the "Thanks for Judging" post. I was overwhelmed with support from people who FINALLY had some good things to say. And positive words for sticking to my plan. THANK YOU. It's certainly appreciated and made me feel a million times better.

Second, I realize that I've been neglecting my first babies on here recently. The pups. They're still here, still kicking, and sniffing around all the baby stuff that's been popping up at the house over the past month. Here's a few precious moments from the last month or so:

Wiggle wrap. All wrapped up in fleece at a visit at my parent's. 

Tanning. Rough life.

Wiggles helping me get some work done. He's very inspiring.

Peanut giving me the stink eye.

Peanut snuggling up with her very comfy? rope bone for naps. 

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