Thursday, May 3, 2012

All Powerful Google

We all do it. Head to Google the minute we have an unanswered question. Dog has the runs? Google it. You left toe hurts? Google it. 

I'm an infamous Googler. And during pregnancy, Google has been my worst enemy and my best friend. 

Recently seen in my Google search history:

"Is it ok to eat ice cream every day when you're pregnant?"
"14 week baby size"
"Does your withholding change when you have a baby?"
"When does vomiting stop in pregnancy?"
"Can I eat tuna when pregnant?"

And the answers? Yes, eat all the ice cream you want, but eat your veggies too. My 14 week fetus is the size of a lemon. Yes, your withholding changes because you get an extra allowance. Vomiting commonly stops after the first trimester, but many continue throughout their pregnancy. You can eat 6 ounces of tuna a week.

Aren't you glad you found all that out? I am. Word to the wise? Stay away from message boards. Especially while pregnant. I feel like they cause undue stress. "Well my baby got an ass rash from those baby had to be on super special formula that costs $100/ baby hated daycare." Too many things to worry about. Especially if you're me. 

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