Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A True Valentine's Day Story of Role Reversal

The following is a true Valentine's Day story.

One year, approximately 4 years into hubs' and my relationship, he made an observation about Valentine's Day.

"Why don't girls ever get their guys flowers? Why do we have to be the ones to do it?"

Great question. Apparently, the answer was not obvious. So, from there, I immediately hatched a brilliant plan. That Valentine's Day, hubs would be receiving no less than a dozen red tulips, right to his office cubicle. 

But I couldn't stop there. You see, that just wasn't enough. I called up the florist and asked that, accompanying the flowers, there be a very large, heart-shaped balloon with the words "I LOVE YOU!" for all to see. 

After some sleuthing with his office-mates, I found a way to get them delivered to the right place. 

So around noon, I get a call from hubs. Thanking me for the flowers. And the giant balloon that hovered over all the cubicles in Cubicle Land. Causing quite a stir, and a lot of unwanted attention.

And although hubs appreciated the effort, he learned that day why guys don't get the flowers. Girls are way better equipped to deal with public love and affection. 

Heather - 1
Hubs - 0

The End. 

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Katie said...

LOL - I love this!