Friday, February 3, 2012

Find the Peanut

I'm going to postpone Fitness Friday this week. Why? Yes, I did work out, don't worry. But today I'm linking up with Mrs. Monologues today for Fur Baby Friday. You know, to flaunt my puppies.

Why? Because you haven't seen a pic of my crazy pups on here for a while. Today, I'm only featuring Peanut. Wiggles has been 1. boring and 2. a huge pain in my butthole as of late. He's getting sassy and doing things like taking the throw pillows off the couch and running around the house with them (while simultaneously trying to rip the stuffing out of them.) Jerk.

Anyway, here's Peanut on Christmas day. My mom got us a nice sherpa throw, which was super cuddly and warm. Peanut clearly took a liking to it:

Awwww! That's kinda cute, right? I might have helped her burrow. 


Holly said...

Awww Peanut is absolutely adorable! So comfy cozy under the blankets!

Elizabeth said...

Aww, so cute!!! So snuggly! :)

Katie said...

That is too cute! We have a boston mix, and when he was a puppy, he'd snuggle up on a sherpa pillow like his own personal snuggle throne. Now we have a big sherpa blanket, and he thinks it's his throne again. He totally hogs it, but ONLY sleeps on the sherpa side, not the soft outside - just like on the pillows. It is adorable! Our dogs LOVE to eat throw pillows too, I have holes and patches in pretty much all of mine. Can't have anything nice!

Mrs. Monologues said...

I am so sorry I am so late to comment! Oh my goodness, I die with cuteness. Thank you for linking up!