Sunday, October 21, 2012

Baby Bump: 38 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: I'm up about 8-9 pounds from prepreg weight. I gained 4 pounds in one week a few weeks ago and then ended up losing 2 pounds of it the next week. My doc is attributing this to fluid retention because my feet and hands started getting a little puffy. BUT there's still distinction between my feet and ankles and my rings still fit, so that's more than a lot of pregnant women at this stage can say!
Maternity Clothes: Guh. I've even started to grow out of some of my maternity clothes. And I have no cold weather gear, so this kid needs to arrive before it gets too frigid. I'm sick of my clothes (except for elastic waisted pants because they freaking rock.)
Stretch Marks? Just in the last 2 weeks I started developing some around my belly button. I was hoping to get through this whole thing without any, but looks like there will be no such luck for me.
Sleep: Some nights? I can sleep half decent. Others? It's a circus of tossing and turning on my side of the bed. And of course, there's getting up to pee about 5 times a night. Probably more. And rolling from side to side is an absolute sight to behold. I'll be exciting when I can move with half decent ease again. Granted, I know I'll be sleeping even less...
Movement: In general, he's really active. Yesterday he was rolling and punching all day long. Today? Not as much. Just some rolls and occasional punches. I'm sure there's not nearly as much room in there anymore. 
Exercise: Does walking up and down the stairs of my house count? 
Food cravings: None really! 
Belly Button In or Out: Out...and I'm not sure it'll ever go back.
Milestone: I'm full term! And he can be born any day. One thing I did find out at the doc a few weeks ago is that I'm Group B Strep positive. It's a bacteria about 30% of women naturally carry. It's not harmful to me, but it can be to the baby, so they're going to pump me full of IV antibiotics during delivery. Mistake on my part? Googling it. Cripes, message boards can be the devil to a pregnant woman.

So here we are, ready (kind of?) and waiting. Terrified of delivery. Scared about being a good mom. But excited to meet this little guy. It all seems so surreal some days. That any day we'll be a family of three. And honestly? I'm ready to be done with work. Although sitting in a desk chair for 9 hours a day doesn't sound like a big deal, but it's really starting to take it's toll on my back and pelvic area. Getting up and down is a sight and at this point, an ejector seat would be an awesome addition to my cube. 

Next update might be his birth announcement! Stay tuned. And I promise, I'm going to try to get better with blogging. Life has gotten in the way lately and blogging has been the last thing on my mind. Fingers crossed for an uneventful labor and delivery!!


Co11eenK said...

Good luck and congratulations!

Aly & Aaron said...

Can't wait to read that your little boy is here! Hope that everything goes well. Good luck!