Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Year of the Wedding

I've deemed this year, the Year of the Wedding. It seems like all my friends have decided to tie the knot in 2010. 

This past weekend, the SU crew made our way to North Jersey to watch another one of our own take the walk down the aisle. 

It may have been one of the best weddings I've ever been to...and a lot of it had to do with the amazing food. I walked in, saw the sushi bar, and questioned whether I'd made my way to Heaven. 

But then, I saw more. Shrimp, pasta, calamari, roasted meats, cheeses, a GREY GOOSE MARTINI BAR. And that, my friends, was only the cocktail hour. Yes, there was a dinner to be served after we consumed this massive amount of appetizers. 

Richard sampling portions of the feast.

Monogrammed ice sculpture surrounded by fine meats and cheeses.

Hubs and I before stuffing our faces.

We consumed many martinis during cocktail hour, then took several lovely photos of ourselves.

Awkward prom photo with Julie and just seemed right.

Super awkward prom photo with me and Funk. 

Then, we went in to eat more...because we clearly didn't get enough food at the first feast.

Grumpy Chris...probably before throwing tantrum #26 of the day.

Rich's weapon of choice? Butter knife.

Anywayyyyy, we ate, drank and were certainly merry dancing to the band and DJ. Everyone was out on the dance floor, sweating out all the alcohol and food. 

Then, we woke up the next day, ready to head home and crisis struck. Rich (seen above) had Julie's car keys. Fine, we'll just walk to his room and grab them. WRONG-O! Rich is in the middle of Pennsyltucky, 4 hours from NJ, when we call him at 10:00 AM. With the keys. Joy.

Triple A had no locksmith on call...everyone else had a $500 charge. So, what did we do? Piled into Funk's SUV for a super fun family road trip back to MD. 

After about 5.5 hours navigating the Jersey Turnpike and sitting in God awful traffic in Delaware (or Hellaware as Chris calls it), we made it home. 

Too bad Chris and Julie had to turn around the next day and go back to pick up the car. I was way happier to be at work than drive back up 95. 

All in all? Success! We had a joyous time celebrating Ashley and Wat's nuptials. 

Next wedding? The Seiler Wedding Extravaganza!!!! 

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